Surf Better LongerImprove and prolong your surfing life through specific and effective training.

Train your ability to respond moment to moment and produce fast, fluid, powerful surfing.Read more

Train Functional MovementMove with flow, connection and stability, free of pain.

Feel strong, confident, ready and able.Read more

Develop Functional BreathingCan you breathe well? How are we designed to breathe?

Why would you bother improving your breathing?Read more

Live Pain FreeAre you are in pain? Is your body is letting you down?

Do you need guidance with your training or rehabilitation?Read more

Improve Corporate WellbeingUse movement to bring your working teams together.

Movement education and body based learning for better organisational productivity.Read more

Train in the CityIt’s tough staying surf fit and focused when you live away from the surf.

Train your body and mind to make the most of your time in the water.Read more


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  • Client Case Study – 5 Things I learnt With a Year of Coaching

      5 Things I learnt With a Year of Coaching Anniversaries give us a chance to reflect on the past year and to set further goals. This week I’ve been reflecting on my year with a personal trainer/movement coach. Particularly as I’d had a session where I felt I hadn’t made any progress! So I started thinking about what had changed and what I have learnt. Mostly it seems I’ve learnt more about me… my...
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  • Surf Story

    I started training with Mitch about 2 years ago because I wanted to improve my general fitness and flexibility toward maintaining and possibly improving my level of surfing. After over 25 years in the water I was suddenly starting to feel older, everything was tightening up and I wasn’t as responsive anymore. I had niggling hamstrings, a sore hip, creaking over-used shoulders, tight muscles in my central back, the list went on. I wanted to...
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  • Rotational Stretch for Surf Related Back Pain

    Mitch takes us through a rotational stretch that helps to overcome surf related back pain and improve your surfing. Useful for anyone who wants to move better. Here is a small excerpt from the Surf Better Longer Video series:...
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