I started training with Mitch about 2 years ago because I wanted to improve my general fitness and flexibility toward maintaining and possibly improving my level of surfing.


After over 25 years in the water I was suddenly starting to feel older, everything was tightening up and I wasn’t as responsive anymore. I had niggling hamstrings, a sore hip, creaking over-used shoulders, tight muscles in my central back, the list went on. I wanted to go to Hawaii at the end of the year and my body wasn’t going to cope. It was all becoming unsustainable, so I knew something had to change to enable me to once again ride a wave how I wanted to.


Mitch combined a stretching and strengthening routine with massage and physical exercise to completely convert my body. By the time I left for my trip I felt like I was 23 again, which I never would have thought possible. There were also improvements to my posture and I felt that I was also more efficient at work as my mind became clearer and more focussed. For the last year I have continued to work with Mitch and the combination of body work, stretching and training sessions have me consistently feeling great in and out of the water.


I might now be able to keep improving into my 40’s and beyond which is just amazing. I would thoroughly recommend Mitch to anyone wanting to get the most out of their body and life.


Peter Winkler

At the end of Mitch’s 4 day program there was a dramatic difference in the staffs mindset and ability to manage stressful situations. This has ultimately really driven a stronger performance from our brand starting with the individuals within it. A fantastic experience for me personally. I was quite humbled with how open and honest the communication within the team was. A very enlightening experience for myself and one that I’d highly recommend for any organisation facing significant business challenges and ultimately wanting to set themselves apart from competitors.

Mark Hudson Genral Manager of Dragon South Pacific

Shell Refining has had several occasions to utilize the services of Mitch Barrow over the last 2 years. As part of our Be Well program at the refinery, we engaged Mitch to present each week to our 5 different groups of shift workers – a somewhat skeptical group of shift workers – on the benefits of gentle movement and breathing to enhance the start of their day- within half an hour the entire room was doing exactly what Mitch had requested and totally engaged! To the point that an unscheduled further 20 minutes of question time was necessary.

Another opportunity we took to engage Mitch was to present to our entire refinery the benefits of movement and self awareness in an interactive style presentation. The feedback from employees was overwhelmingly positive.

The other occasion I engaged Mitch was at a two day Family Open Day at the Refinery in 2012. Mitch took our families and children through a variety of movements, designed to awaken the brain and increase blood flow over the entire two days.

We find Mitch’s style of presenting engages our different styles of work groups and guests very quickly, providing enough science and fact to these groups in a way that is easily understood by all these groups. Mitch’s demeanor and professionalism is such that I ask for his services in particular when we need to focus on our staff’s health and wellbeing.

Meg McDougall Executive Assistant and People Focus Coordinator at Shell Refining (Australia) Pty Ltd

I had the pleasure of working with Mitch throughout 2010 and 2011 whilst following the World Surfing Tour. To compete at my best I certainly felt like I needed help that was outside the water and waves. The fitness work with Mitch was always very thorough and targeted the specifics of what I needed to reach my goals and reach my peak fitness.
Most of all aside from the fitness/surfing benefits training with Mitch was always good fun.

Adam Robertson ASP Professional Surfer