Mitch completely understands what I need to achieve as a surfer. After working with him, my body feels much stronger and more flexible and I’ve learnt a lot that I can take away with me on the road.

Nick Muscroft ASP Professional Surfer

I have been training with Mitch for the last 8 years and he has provided me with the fitness base and strength it takes to compete at an elite level, against the world best surfers. Mitch got me to my peak fitness by incorporating activities that not only challenged my body, but also my mind.

Every year travelling to Hawaii I knew Mitch had helped me leave no stone unturned and I felt physically fitter and stronger than all the guys I was competing against. With added strength and fitness the results always seemed to follow, managing a 2nd place finish at the HIC Sunset Beach World Qualifying Series event.

Many of the things Mitch has taught me over the years I incorporate into my every day life. He has managed to look into all facets of surfing and break it down to work out what training and recovery needs to be done to get the most out of your surfing.

Jack Perry ASP Professional Surfer

At 45 I wanted to extend my bigger wave surfing for another 10 years. Mitch has helped me enormously with this journey. I simply could not do it without his guidance and the tailored program we have developed together.

Marty Maher, Airey's Inlet Lifetime surfer

I have been working with Mitch for two months now and what I have gained from this experience has been phenomenal. Not only do I now have a pain free back, but my whole view on the physiology behind my back pain has changed. Before working with Mitch, I could simply twist the wrong way and not be able to walk because of the pain in my back. Now, I can move freely without developing any pain. Mitch has not only fixed my back, but has transformed how I move and has given me the knowledge and tools to ensure my back stays pain free. I cannot highly recommend Mitch enough.

Maggie McNay Rehab client