Move with flow, connection and stability

Move with flow, connection and stability…. free of pain

Your body may need:

Lengthening, stretching and opening
Better alignment, posture and balance
Enough fitness to tolerate high level exercise/sport
A challenge to lose weight
Power, speed & stability
Enhanced awareness and coordination
Rehabilitation from serious injury or surgery
To relearn how to walk, run and sprint
Combine functional breathing with complex movement
Move more to put your mind at rest

Our bodies are designed to move and move well. Historically we moved incidentally all day long. We simply didn’t experience the fatigue, sluggishness and injuries we experience in the modern world. For the first time in our evolutionary history we have to make a choice to move! We have to timetable exercise into our week…..make appointments with ourselves to be active!

When training and coaching people we always work towards optimal movement. Whether the individual is an elite athlete, older adult or a mother of three, the principles of functional movement are a constant. Your body/mind has an intuitive sense of what it needs and where it should be. Our movement coaching will stimulate and support your body towards it’s potential.

We’ve worked with:

Professional and Recreational Surfers
AFL footballers
National/International level Netballers
Elite Junior tennis players
Motorcross riders
Older Adults
Primary School Children
Athletes with a Disability
Office Workers

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