Move with flow, connection and stability…. free of pain

Move with flow, connection and stability…. free of pain

Your body may need:

  1. Lengthening, stretching & opening
  2. Better alignment, posture & balance
  3. To be fit enough to tolerate high level exercise/sport
  4. To be challenged enough to lose weight
  5. Increased power, speed & stability
  6. Enhanced awareness & coordination
  7. Rehabilitation from serious injury or surgery
  8. Relearning of how to walk, run & sprint
  9. Integration of functional breathing with complex movement
  10. More movement to put your mind at rest

Our bodies are designed to move and move well. Historically we moved incidentally all day long. We simply didn’t experience the fatigue, sluggishness and injuries we experience in the modern world. For the first time in our evolutionary history we have to make a choice to move! We have to timetable exercise into our week…..make appointments with ourselves to be active!

When training and coaching people we always work towards optimal movement. Whether the individual is an elite athlete, older adult or a mother of three, the principles of functional movement are a constant. Your body/mind has an intuitive sense of what it needs and where it should be. Our movement coaching will stimulate and support your body towards it’s potential.

Improve and prolong your surfing life through specific and effective training:

  1. Preparing you body for Boat Trips
  2. Solutions to lower back pain related to paddling
  3. Neck and shoulder soreness
  4. Stretching programs
  5. How do I warm up and what should I do?
  6. Breathing training for bigger waves
  7. Exercises for faster surfing and aerials

The way we move on a wave is largely influenced by our body-mind’s ability to respond, moment to moment. Good surfing is fluid, fast and powerful. If our body is bound up, locked down, or fearful we are unable to surf at our best. As a result we will be unable to explore all the different possibilities a wave can offer.

No matter what age or level we are at, to surf well we need a body that is stable, elastic, aligned and fast, especially as we get older. As we age we lose these movement abilities and spend more time out of the water than in it.

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